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by momma

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Drew Lucia
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Drew Lucia lyrically beautiful and musically just gets u right 2 the core. powerful af!!!!!!!!!!! ughhghgh Favorite track: alopecia.
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released August 15, 2016

all songs written by Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten
guitar, vocals, bass - Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten
drums - Allegra Weingarten
bass on olympia played by Sebastian Jones
mixed and engineered by Sebastian Jones and Aron Kobayashi-Ritch

cover art by etta friedman



all rights reserved


momma Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: fishy lips - metal is hot
crucify me underneath my stature and frame
hoping that my hands will melt off
flattened by your red chevrolet

sacrifice me make me feel like i am a saint
do you hear me now when i drop?
let go cause metal is hot
Track Name: face down
don’t trap me in your car
your baby sip reduces you to doe stride
i’ll catch you at the bar
your mouth tastes like you’re gargling peroxide

just please get out of bed
i found the bottle and it breaks under your heavy hand
you’re stuck inside your head
throat cracked until it turns into nevada sand

face down
you can wobble like a calf until your body hits the warm ground
face down
count the sheep until your pores erode and let all of the poison out
Track Name: it
scared when i met you
we don’t relate, my path is straight
scared to forget you
but if i call then i’m involved
scared of your secrets
my mouth is shut but you erupt
scared just to keep it
i watched our link go down the sink

you could’ve saved it
abused the thought, that’s all you got
hard to say that i hate it
you’re fresh, post-bleach, just out of reach
now i know you won’t touch me
your graze reserved to quench your thirst
put the glass down and trust me
make no mistake with me you’re safe
Track Name: waterford way
playing possum while there’s dominoes shining
lay in the backyard with the untrimmed lining
sprinklers will wear out our skin no taxidermy teams
retina froth blurs out the thoughts of being seventeen

eardrums shatter when there’s thumb bones cracking
index and middle are interstate mapping
kitchen hugs salmonella bugs lick bowl and spoon
boardwalk shots and a hilltop hotbox

if i’m ever missing i’m on waterford way
everything is different but yet you stay the same

playing doctor while the showers overflowing
sideways lungs to keep the pulses going
wrinkled hands trapezius pinch us girls know better
mailbox fog and riding dogs and our newsletter

the house is burning down
we watch it go down
our bodies changing shape
becoming what it makes
grow eyes and face and limbs
we’ll ask how weeks have been
Track Name: alopecia
quick quiet with the trigger again i don’t need to know what it’s all about
you’ve been feeling sicker i bet the hair on your head is about to fall out
ammunition is staying awake you sink in the trench of the bed that you made
your attrition is repeating itself i’d swallow your tumor and digest your health

better bring a book to read if we get there early get a window seat
in this room we share a common seed if we synthesize our cells we’ll call the radiation team

i’ll never be your betty no i’ll never be your star
when you are nice and ready cut your hair and clean your car
i have my own addiction trigger hand is set again
you have your own prescription alopecia medicine
Track Name: olympia
bed time christmas eve
filling bodies with anti-anxieties
passion like a europe film
so holy and cleansed with flith
not remembering back tattoos
late night shaved head blues
why does she look like your pup?
why doesn’t love look like us

no stress to olympia
portland water is absynthia
black star blast off goodbye
numb feelings my idol died
mantis rides dna wine
smoke rotting front canines
allegra’s sick and mom has gifts
astro’s paws we will miss